Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild Voices.

From Thomas Berry, in the essay “The Wild and the Sacred”, from the book THE GREAT WORK.

As one woman told a group assembled in Florida after Hurricane Andrew, she did not consider herself a victim but a participant in this wild event in all its creative as well as its destructive aspects.  The hurricane, she insisted, was telling us something.  It was telling us how to build our houses if we wished to dwell in this region.  It was telling us to consider well the winds and the sea, to mark well the fact that if we live here we must obey the deeper laws of the place, laws that cannot be overridden by any type of human zoning.  We might live here if we wish but on terms dictated by powers other than human.  (…).  For it is out of the wild depths of the universe and our own being that greater visions must come.

Like the hurricane, earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns have much to tell us.   The question is -- are we listening, and if so what is our vision?

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