Thursday, August 23, 2012


Depak Chopra's suggestions for what it will take to turn the tide on global warming:

Human life isn't set apart from life on earth.
We must live in balance with Nature.
 Consumerism isn't unlimited and doesn't lead to happiness.

Toxic pollution harms life and cannot be justified.
As a conscious species, humans must be stewards of the ecology.

None of these are surprising ideas; they are common coin in the environmental movement.  But to make them viable on a mass scale, the tide must turn.  The part of human nature that says "Me first," "I want mine, who cares about you?", "I only live for today, forget tomorrow," and "Nature is here to be conquered” must be re-examined. Will that happen? No one can tell, but it's important to see that the world "out there" has no chance of changing until there's real transformation "in here."

For more see his article reprinted here.

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