Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Warning!  This blog will be most effective if you click on the above YouTube link and listen to Big Hand Dave featuring Letron Brantley performing their rendition of "Looking For Love" while you read along.  

I didn’t plan to pick on the Harvard Business Review again, but when I was doing some research on a topsy-turvy topic I wanted to probe further, I came across another leadership related blog on their site titled, “Look for Leadership at the Bottom of the Pyramid”.  

Whenever I see the word leadership used in combination with pyramid, I end up in a tail spin.  For this is usually a pretty good sign that the article is for the guy at the top of the pyramid, and designed to help him figure out how to control the people at the bottom to get them to do his ploys.  I was hoping to find some inspiration for a leadership-bottom kind of person such as myself, who doesn’t really have an interest in being downtrodden by the folks at the top. 

After reading through the Review blog, my assumption was confirmed that the article was not designed for my downcast eyes. To help me avoid that feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I get knocked off the ladder by reading those types of articles, the author should consider adding a subtitle to clarify who the article is for, and perhaps revise the title to something like:

How to Feed on the Bottom of the Pyramid: for the Bottoms at the Top. 

So I decided I would have to write my own article in the form of a short folk song.  

I call it Bottom-Leader.    

And it goes something like this: 

In the top down world that we live in today,
things need to be turned up side down all the way. 

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