Monday, March 25, 2013

MN H2wOes

An abbreviated version of a story in the March 17th Pioneer Press titled Minnesota's Water Shortages Forcing Many Towns to Take Drastic Measures.

Minnesota's water woes are spreading, and the drought, while not the only cause, is shining a spotlight on them.

Over the decades, communities have built up infrastructures to quench a thirst for economic growth.  We're a wet industry town, and to be able to grow need to open our pocketbooks to industrial users like ethanol plants, farm irrigation, Schwan's Food Service and Archer Daniels Midland.  

 The specter of economic damage is extremely challenging – large expanses of the lake dried up, private wells are being sucked dry, lawns couldn't be watered, cars couldn't be washed and ball fields would be left to brown and the climate is seeing longer periods without rain. 

"All of a sudden a drought comes along and we need more water for irrigation and everything else and we have less of it. And we wonder where it went. We can't keep acting that way."  

That's on us, I suppose, for allowing it to go on that long.

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