Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fast or Explode!

I have been thinking about growth lately.  After a long winter of inactivity and a consumption of too many rich foods over the holidays I have noticed my pants getting tighter.  I would like to blame my washer and drier for causing my pants waste line to shrink, but when I go deeper it is pretty clear that over consumption is the root cause of the pants problem. 

And so on the topic of growth, I thought I would share an interesting talk on the topic given by Dennis Meadows in 2012 where he revisited the book – The Limits of Growth that came out in 1972.  Back in 1972, there were several options where if we made changes we could be at a sustainable place now.  But since we chose to do nothing and instead kept on consuming and growing the economy, things today do not look too rosy and it is time to do some serious fasting before we explode. 

Meadows talk begins around the 5:46 mark, and with the introduction, the whole talk is 48 minutes.  I skipped the intro.

And if you’re too busy to watch the whole talk, you might be interested in looking at the slides from his talk here

 And if you’re too busy to look at the slides, maybe take a minute and think about his opening and closing slides:

“It is too late for sustainable development”


“It is essential now to start changing our behavior”

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