Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Requirements of Responsibility

Originally posted on the old Servant Leadership Blog 12/5/07. 
In his essay “The Requirements of Responsibility”, Robert Greenleaf points out some key concepts regarding responsibility.
  • Responsibility, […], requires that a person think, speak, and act as if personally accountable to all who may be affected by his or her thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • In an imperfect world, it is a goal, something to work toward, even if never to accomplish fully.
  • The big question, is the trend right? Am I moving?
  • The requirements of responsibility are internal rather than external.
  • Responsibility is not tested by a formula, a code, or a set of rules.
  • The potentially strong person acquires, early in the mature years, the feeling of total responsibility for the wider community of which he or she is a part.
  • This person doesn’t necessarily act totally responsible – […] – but feels responsible, totally responsible.
  • The things that are good for the society please this person, and the things that harm it cause pain - deep down inside.
  • Most of us develop this attitude of total responsibility toward our family; but it becomes qualitative and attenuated as it radiates to the wider community.
  • [T]he feeling of total responsibility is born, not made.
So what is causing you pain - deep down inside?

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